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// Ouverture du Bretaye1808 le samedi 2 et dimanche 3 décembre 2023. 

// Ouverture tous les jours à partir du samedi 9 décembre 2023 dès 8h00. 


N'hésitez pas à réserver votre table au +41 24 495 21 94. 

Nous nous réjouissons de vous accueillir !

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Bretaye 1808 is a 20 minute  journey from Villars-sur-Ollon, on top of the Col de Bretaye, accessible by a small cogwheel train, in the Alps Vaudoise in Switzerland. Every day, Bretaye 1808 opens its doors just before the arrival of the first train and closes with the last one. 


Entirely redesigned in the summers of 2018 and 2019, our restaurants offer an excellent cuisine, a panoramic view of the mountains, a warm atmosphere, and superb après-skis. Our chef Souleymane Barry, who previously worked at the helm of the Rouge in Verbier, has been involved in the success of the project since the beginning of the adventure in 2018.


Bretaye 1808 is open to all, skiers and non-skiers. 


Seats in the main restaurant

Seats on the terrace

Seats in the self-service




After a second summer of renovation, Bretaye 1808 boasts three separate restaurants all serving excellent cuisine, ranging from Swiss classics to more refined dishes. The self-service, re-named Bretaye Express, has been completely redesigned and equipped with a large terrace. Upstairs there is Grill Rebellion a premium, cosy space where connoisseurs of good meat and wine will love to linger savouring  the delicious food as well as the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountains. 


After the first phase of work that marked the 2018-19 season, a second phase of renovation and expansion took place during the summer and autumn of 2019. The project was designed and implemented by the architect Pierre Winthrop, co-founder of the SAS architecture and the decorator Alexandre Boyer, founder of the Atelier Alexandre Boyer.


The terrace and its giant parasols now extend over the entire building. The interiors have been designed and created for well-being using true materials that don't cheat: wood, metal, colours with natural pigments of the soul. 


Natural light has been used to its maximum, subtly penetrating into the different spaces giving the sense of well-being, relaxation and  absolute comfort. Everything has been designed to be in harmony with the surrounding nature, snow and the mountains peaks. Extra care has been taken to improve the acoustics of the entire space. 


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